How to fix error 1075

How to fix error 1075 "The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion" and access the Security Center in Window XP computer?

When you try to start your computer browser service and receive an error message such as “The Security Center is currently unavailable because the "Security Center" service has not started or was stopped”, then it is due to “Error 1075 The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion”. The flaw of Windows service marked for deletion prevents the updating of the windows software.

You can easily control this “service marked for deletion” error and for this you need to reboot your laptop and restart the Security Center service.

But, if in case you still get the same service marked for deletion without reboot error, then you can follow the below mentioned steps and verify that the WMI service works:

Step 1: Click “Start”, then choose “Run” and write Services.msc. After the services registry dialogue box opens up, you can locate the WMI command.

Step 2: Click atleast two times on “Windows Management Instrumentation”. These steps make sure that you can remove the error “the specified service has been marked for deletion”.
Step 3: In the “Windows Management Instruction Drive Extension” modify the “Startup type” choice to “Automatic”

Step 4: Now, strike “Start” and then hit on “OK”
Step 5: Finally, reboot Windows.

Thus, you can easily go through these steps and fix Error 1075.

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